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The Original Web Show

Sakina is considered the original web show star. She created the Keeping it Rich with Sakina ™ web show in 2009 at a time when online video content was groundbreaking. The show is a loosely reality-based personal finance talk show where viewers gain valuable information about managing their wealth through the host’s experiences, friends and advisors. Award-winning Business Journalist Sakina Spruell interviews experts on various wealth building topics as well as tastemakers who share their secrets to living a lavish lifestyle. The show premiered at almost 15 years ago.

Keeping It Rich: Season 1 Ep 2:

How One Affords A Lavish Lifestyle: Sakina visits her girlfriend, former publisher of Uptown Magazine Jocelyn Taylor, to find out how she budgets so well to afford her lavish lifestyle.

Keeping It Rich Season 1 Ep 3: College Planning: Sakina meets with an old friend and financial planner to find out why 529 Plans are not good enough for his children's college fund

Formerly on

Keeping It Rich: Season 1 Ep1: The Estate Planning 

Get the inside scoop on what happens at an estate planning meeting. Sakina meets with her estate planning attorney Lori Douglass at  Moses and Singer  Law Firm in New York City.

Keeping It Rich: Season 1 Ep 4: Passing on Wealth Through Life Insurance: Sakina meets with a financial planner about the often taboo option of using permanent life insurance as a means of passing on wealth.

Keeping It Rich: Season 1 Ep 5: How to Benefit From a Market Crash: Sakina speaks to a Wall Street financial advisor after the most devastating stock market crash of the last 20 years to find out why it's best to get in the market when it's down.

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